Love me

In “Love me” I tell and reconstruct, through images, an abuse suffered during my childhood. I retrace a compromised and interrupted period, using a visual language that was sometimes violent, metaphorical, and ironic. I’ve been taking photographs since I was a child, but I’m not a photographer, I’m an art director and a graphic designer. What I love about my work is collecting visual notes, and exploring the relationships that exist between different types of images to amplify their meanings, finding connections that tell a story. Within the visual exploration of “Love me”, there is my story but also the story of “many” and what they sometimes fail to express. “Love me” is an engaging book where the conscious and the unconscious come into contact between the pages, finally releasing a story that I couldn’t have told in any other way.

“Love me” is the photographic book that author created as part of the curatorial lab for emerging authors @yogurt based in Rome.