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“My mouth contorts into a grimace, I force my face into motion with tremendous effort, my smile is as if it were glued onto my face. Patrick Bateman’s eyes are like shiny black stones, devoid of emotions, just as his heart is devoid of any trace of humanity.
Looking at him, you see only an empty surface, reflected in a thousand ways in this frenetic city.
He is a man who has embraced the inner ugliness of the world and has become an integral part of it.
His actions are a testament to the degradation of our society, a society that thrives on the pain of others and its insatiable selfishness.
He is a monster lurking among us, indistinguishable from other men only because he wears an expensive suit and a fake smile on his face.”

From “American Psycho” Bret Easton Ellis

La serie “Esercizi di bruttezza”  è composta da 8 pezzi, stampa giclée su carta cotone. È stata esposta per la prima volta a Paratissima – NICE Come Bio Comanda. A cura di Agnese Lo Vecchio e Luca Ricci