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2013 | Pubblicato in The Artist and the Others di Jessica Capra

The word of... Chiara Paderi


Boundary is the word that in this moment reflects my work. My figure in the space is the focus of everything I am doing.

She is a static presence, the border line in a open dialogue between the time we live in and the traces of the past.

What I do is to let the places I’ve been, be included in my way of working and listening.

Experience is a key word for my project. Experience is meant as experiment of the place in which is acted. In this way my practice becomes a performance that shapes with the time inside the chosen places.

"Differently, in other works, the mirror that invites to read my work in a broader key represents the boundary. Focusing on the reality that surrounds us and the reflected image. "

‘We’ are our boundaries, our limitations. It’s just us.

A famous advertising spot was saying ‘Impossible is nothing’. I have to agree, and I guess you could also think differently, but I believe that the biggest limitation we have to face is ‘myself’.

When I’ve talked to Chiara, she told me that she was a very busy artist. By attending Arte Accessibile fair in Milan she noted down and wrote a lot of new inspirations but she was struggling in realizing them.

“I frequently think: what if are they not enough, is my work futureless? Are they interesting? Thus, I stop and I am stuck in a kind of black hole…”

I think these wonderings are familiar to a lot of young and also grown up artists. We are all in the same shoe!

Recently I read “Maurizio Cattelan Autobiografia non autorizzata”, written by the curator and art critic Francesco Bonami -it is very interesting, funny and inspiring book, worth the read!.

Cattelan, now one of the most famous living artists, was also never sure about what to do. Not everything he realized was a success, but he always came up with new ideas that identified and represented himself in that specific moment.

So, don’t stop and just try and try again, I know it’s hard when others judge your ideas. However, the world has more than 7 billion people (just looked it up on Wikipedia), and we know some people might like your art where others do not. The important is that YOU do like your idea and believe in it!

Chiara is an Italian artist; photography is her main medium, she shoots in colours, black & white, digital, on 35mm film or polaroid, depending from the necessity she has.

By using the automatic shutter, she can live the brilliance and the free impulse of the moment. Only by observing what I did I can discover the weight and the consequences of that action.

Her artistic research focuses on abandoned houses, jail, forest, industrial and suburbs areas. Thus the atmospheres captured and emotions generated are very strong and intense.

“Le idee, in fondo, non sono altro che uova. Non nasce nulla se le teniamo chiuse in quella bottiglia che è la nostra testa”

M. Cattelan

"Ideas, after all, are like eggs. They do not come to anything if we keep them in the empty bottle that is our head”

M. Cattelan

Have a look at her installations and intriguing performances on her website.